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  • MRO

    Cleanroom Products:

    We offer specialized cleanroom products such as ceiling tiles, anti-static flooring, benches & workstations, cleanroom chairs, lab & medical carts, static-control equipment, tools & tweezers, passthroughs, lab equipment, cleaning stations, cleanroom garments, cleanroom doors.

    Specialized Chairs:

    We supply high quality chairs to fit the needs of our customers. We provide from office type to cleanroom specialized chairs. All the chairs we sell fit any style, value and comfort that our customers look for.


    The lockers we install from Lyon are one of high quality and high endurance for everyday use. They have all types for a fitness gym to locker for the workplace, such as a manufacturing plant. We also provide workstations that come in different configurations to fit your working environment. Also ask for installation. We install and guarantee our work.

    General MRO product:

    We specialize in different areas of MRO such as: adhesives & tapes, cleaning products, HVAC, hand tools, lighting products, material handling, paints, measuring and inspecting equipment, power tools, safety products, welding products, and abrasives.

    3M Products:

    We offer an extensive variety of 3M product from adhesives to anti-static flooring. We supply cable ties, terminals, adhesives, tapes, masks, eye wear, sealants and much, much more.