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  • ABOUT Custom Made Solutions

    With over 25 years in business, Custom Made Solutions has become an expert in the field of construction and provision of materials, development and service for the Medical, Construction, Industrial, and Commercial industries.

    Working with medical suppliers and various major microchip manufacturers. Involved with the project every step of the way, we create a smooth and worry free process. We understand that time is of the essence and because of our extensive knowledge we are able to deliver time and again without error or delay. That is what our customers have come to rely on.

    We also offer one of the most highly trained teams of expert installers, so much so that we offer a full warranty on all of our work. Take a look at our project gallery to see some of our most recent accomplishments.

    We strive to achieve excellence in all that we do. From the beginning we will become your source for getting the best materials and suggesting the best methods for your project. Our goal is to make sure that your project is of the highest quality and that the final outcome is a success.

    Our History and Mission

    Originally founded in 1986, Custom Made Solutions set out to become one of the most comprehensive and well versed companies in the industry. Offering a full range of products and services to suit the construction of major facilities, the company found that they could provide key expertise in the field and could become the backbone of projects and a true ally to developers. This became our mission.

    A decade later, the company expanded from its Los Angeles Headquarters down to Miami where the potential to provide services to Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean, would allow the company to grow exponentially. We saw that development in these countries would truly benefit from a partner that would take the initiative to suggest various processes and provide key strategies that would assist in creating reinforced structures, from the foundation, to the tiniest screw that holds a picture frame in place.

    Presently the company has opened more offices in Latin America to easier facilitate the process of these developments and truly become the backing for our clients.